New York Times — Restoring a Connecticut Farmhouse

Posted on Dec 5, 2015 in Quoted by Press |

New York Times, restoring connecticut farmhouse

Restoring a Connecticut Farmhouse

In its Real Estate section, The New York Times published an article and accompanying photographic slideshow describing how Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani is restoring a farmhouse on his property in Easton, Connecticut.


For 22 years, Suni Munshani, a technology entrepreneur who lives in Easton, Conn., with his wife, Tina, and daughter, Saira, dreamed of owning a country home. He had in mind a particular place, set on 10 rolling acres with farm buildings, paddocks and a pair of Asian katsura trees that gave off the odor of caramelized sugar in the fall.

Mr. Munshani, 54, who is the chief executive of Protegrity, a company that produces data security software, could almost smell those katsuras. But if he wanted to inhale their scent in earnest, he had only to cross the little river that bordered his yard. The place he coveted belonged to his neighbor, a Standard Oil heiress named Ruth Thomas Bedford, who raised thoroughbred horses there.

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