KMWorld — Information security goes mainstream

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Information Security

KMWorld — Information security goes mainstream

In an article in the March 2015 issue of KMWorld, research analyst and senior writer Judith Lamont, Ph.D., writes how information security, formerly the exclusive domain of IT, is now a mainstream issue as major retailers and government agencies have suffered data breaches, denials of service and destructive intrusions. Millions of individuals have been affected, and organizations are now forced to devote more resources to prevention and remediation. Everyone in the information chain, from consumers to CEOs, has become acutely aware of the hazards of failing to protect information.

Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani was one of several experts interviewed for the article. He talked about how achieving the right balance between business needs and information security requires a fundamental shift in attitude.

“Rather than thinking of data as something they own, business owners need to come to term with the fact that they are custodians of data that needs to flow and be managed,” Munshani says.

Protegrity’s products focus on encryption and tokenization, to secure the data itself rather than the network environment.

“Tokenization provides visibility to the flow of data without putting the data at risk,” Munshani explains. “Data is not just critical to business; it is core, the essence of a company’s function. It tells the company when a particular individual will be going to a store, for example, and what they will want to buy when they get there, so the company can generate the right offer.”

Big data is a major part of that flow, and the more customer data that is out there, the more it needs protection.

“As big data gathers momentum, incorporating security into planning and processes in the early stages of a project will become more important,” Munshani says.

A new product called Protegrity Avatar for Hortonworks is designed to secure individual data elements while managing and monitoring the data flow in Hortonworks, an enterprise Hadoop data platform.

“The big data revolution is just getting started,” adds Munshani, “and will present major security challenges if its data management is not carefully planned.”

The full article can be found here.